Rashes first appear only at the site of skin contact with the allergen. Later it often spreads out and may involve skin well away from the contact site. This is because the immune cells become activated and migrate out through the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

When allergic contact eczema is suspected, it can therefore be important to remember where it first started when taking the medical history behind the development of a rash finding the cause.

Sometimes the cause and effect relationship is obvious, with a red scaly reaction around an earring or under a watch strap. At other times, especially if a long time has passed since the initial exposure and sensitization, it can be impossible to identified contact allergic from other types of eczema.

It can be treated with CHINESE MASTER'S NEURO Acupuncture and special herbal medicine for most kind of allergy contact eczema. The length of treatment depends on the individual patients of others organ's Qi lever and the severe of the attack.

Types of Eczema